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Sun Aug 28, 2016 6:23 pm by Everett

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    The Arena Rules


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    The Arena Rules

    Post by Everett on Sun Aug 28, 2016 6:23 pm

    1. Combat in The Arena is to comply with traditional T-1 rules and regulations. If you would like to fight in another multi-para style, please contact one of the admin for approval before posting.

    2. Characters used throughout the site that enter combat MUST also transfer the posts of their battle to The Arena for the sake of clear records.

    3. You are allowed to create characters for the sole purpose of fighting in The Arena without needing to interact with roleplays elsewhere on the site.

    4. The outcome of each fight must be approved by at least one Admin and member of staff to go forward. We can assure you these decisions will be completely unbiased and the rule is in place to ensure a fair conclusion for all participants.

    5. It goes without saying, but do not God Mod or use characters that are built as such.

    6. As with everywhere else on Bastion. Weeb combat / roleplay is not permitted in The Arena. This includes anime weapons, abilities and characters.

    7. OOC content is not permitted in The Arena. There will, however, be separate threads in the Character Development & Random Discussion forums that will cater to the discussion of fighting.

    8. Keep fights within The Arena and shake hands after. You are not impressing anybody by boasting elsewhere on the site in a derogatory manner. It's in poor taste, and will be shutdown promptly.

    **Please contact either Everett or Aun for advice / information that is not clarified above**

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